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Weekend Brunch

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2pm
Chicken 'n Waffles $11.99
Belgian Waffle with two crispy chicken tenders. Butter, syrup, powdered sugar, or gravy

Omelettes $13.99
Three eggs, served with skillet taters.
Crab 'n Spinach | Ham 'n Cheese | Mushroom 'n Spin

Salmon Benedict $13.99
English muffin, scrambled eggs, grilled salmon & lemon butter. Served with skillet taters.

Chorizo Burritos $12.99
Flour tortillas, scrambled eggs, chorizo, smothered with homemade queso. Served with skillet taters.

Country Biscuit Benedict $12.99
Biscuit, scrambled eggs, smothered with sausage gravy. Served with bacon and skillet taters.

The Captain's Feast $14.99
Scrambled eggs, jalapeno cheese grits, biscuit. Served with bacon and skillet taters.

French Toast Sticks $14.99
Six crispy fried french toast sticks served with bacon.